Solar Power


Solar Panels in a Grass Field


Solar power for the win.

The eternal power struggle that we are in can only lead down one path, a polluted world and a powerless earth. But this is not the case, we still have time and technology on our side to help heal the damage we have done… while still having our snap-chats and Facebook posts. Solar power does look the most promising, it’s cost in 2014 has gone down to one percent of it’s initial cost in 1979(Kanmen,2014). So, the question proposed is if solar is reliable and, if it is what perks does it have?


Solar panel in a backyard

 How clean solar is

First off, solar power is one of the cleanest energies. Since it get’s it’s energy from the sun, there is no dangerous emissions or hurtful damage done to the inhabitants . (Wirtz, H., & Janssen, M. ,2010). All you would need is maintain the solar panel, have plenty of room for it and make sure it’s not cloudy out. I know this would be a better alternative then polluting our Earth and destroying our future.


Solar panels on a sunny day



Solar’s efficiency

With modern science being the best it’s been , scientist’s have figured out a way to detect even the smallest defects in solar panels. With this, it would make solar power efficient than it already is, by correcting even the smallest of mistakes. Plus, it would make solar cheaper and more affordable to the common man(University of Huddersfield, 2015). Also, scientists from Argonne national laboratory, have found a new material that could progress solar into the future. This new material can absorb energies from visible and infrared light not just  ultraviolet light. would would help increase the production of energy from solar panels (Kunz, 2013).


Solar Panels on a roof

 Solar’s Dropping cost

Solar has passed gas and oil to become one of the most cheapest energies. As you can see on the chart at, solar power has rapidly dropped in the past 6 years, and surpasses even coal and oil in how much they would cost.This shows that solar power still has potential to be in the hands of the common man.But unfortunately as the graph under it shows, solar does have the least amount of power produced out of the energy giants, which will hopefully changes in the future.


Solar’s Major problems

 Solar’s biggest strength can also be it’s biggest weakness, getting energy from the sun. You can only get power in the day and when it’s a nice clear sky day. Also it would be preferred to be kept in a dessert, since even the slightest debris blocking the panels can reduce the  output of energy. Plus, solar power isn’t as widespread as it should be, since the ideal production of solar is a very clean and precise assembly to make sure the solar panels can be successfully put together.(,2013). And, since it costs so much, is widely unpopular to entrepreneurs and the business community .



Solar’s future

Solar power does have a bright future, even though it has some problems. We just need a way to overcome the difficulties solar has and try to find more solutions to the problems and questions we have. All in all, solar does have potential in the energy market today.


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